Sunday, July 24, 2011


This picture was from a few weeks ago. I wish I could say it 
was today, but today is all about this crazy loud thunderstorm that is bound to make
 me pee my pants at some point today. Im home alone and woke up from what 
sounded like ten explosions at once. Just thunder. 
Every time I see the lightning I cringe and just wait for it. And even though I know its coming, my heart drops when it does and my mind starts making things up. 'Oh no, im pretty sure that one hit the antenna and my house it on fire.' Pretty logical.
 Some people love storms but I just get so creeped out by them.

On a lighter note. I just made a super sweet strawberry banana and chia seed smoothie. 
Yummmm. Today I am going to try to water marbel my nails. Ohhh Fun. :)

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