Sunday, February 28, 2010

A born again juicer.....

When I was growing up my parents were big into juicing.

[not the steroid type of juicing, silly]

I remember specifically always drinking carrot juice

{not because I wanted too}

And my all time favorite, Apple and lemon juice.


Well starting today I have brought juicing back into my life for good.

And For a few good reasons.

1] The health benefits of juicing are substantial. If you would like a quick overview of some of the benefits visit this site. ;)

2] Most of it tastes amazing! The combinations are endless

3] It makes me feel great. I get a fulfilling healthy breakfast and I start my day feeling 100%. There’s no better feeling in the morning than to be happy and alert while dreading the 8 hours of work ahead of you. Kidding :)

I got this Juicer because I am one of the cheapest people you’ll ever meet.

{However} It works just as well as the expensive ones!

Today I made my all time favorite apple and Lemon juice. I sliced up about 3 granny smith apples because they were small.

[I like green apples when I add lemon]

You don’t need to skin the apple, just cut them so they will fit in the juicer.

I added a few slices of lemon.

You don’t want the lemon too over powering.

{Unless, of course, you do}

I peeled the most skin I could off the lemon, but it’s not necessary to get it all. The juicer catches all the skin and throws it into a pulp tray.

So you just add it all to the juicer, watch it destroy the poor little fruit, hehe, and then enjoy a frothy melody of fresh raw juice!

I love that you are getting real 100% juice with nothing added and it tastes better than any store bought juice. [ just a tad more work]

I love how it gives you the opportunity to be creative too. What combinations can you come up with? Mix veggies and fruit?? Who knows! Its endless!

Yummy! If you want to check out some recipes click here!

Look at the sweet vintage find I had yesterday.....
Guess How much??

[one dollar and fifty cents]
I also got some super cute books


Biscuit is Having a giveaway! Check out her sweet Blog! This time there will be 10... yes TEN winners, So head over there and enter!!!

P.s her blog is super cute so don't miss out :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to start my work life over tomorrow...booooo!!
lol. Happy Sunday!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicago Polar Plunge!

Hey guys! So this year I am going to attempt
the craziness of the Chicago Polar plunge!!!
[ahhhh Crazy right?]
However, its for a great cause.
All the donation go to the Chicago special Olympics!
If you or anyone you know would like to donate
please visit my site below! I know times are hard right now so
if not, no biggie :)
If you could pass this on too friends I would really appreciate it!
The more money raised to great cause the better!

Thanks a bundle!

Steph <3

a cute little love advice.....

Before we were married, our pastor gave us some super sweet advice.
He told us to start planning our 25 year wedding anniversary.
Something to look forward too
Something to dwell on when times get tough.
I though this was so neat.
{And well, we have yet to start planning...}
Don’t worry we will get there….
I feel like this trip will be the most meaningful
One that will be a congratulatory pat on the back for keeping it together.
[I feel so blessed that God has given my husband and I the love that we share]
Here’s the big question ????
where too?
The Iguazu waterfalls in Brazil
I feel like I can use crazy amounts of imagination for this trip and not think about the money…
{that’s not entirely true}
but Im going to [pretend] money Is no mind here!
Woo hoo, that’s exciting!
I can dream can’t I ;)
What would you do for your 25th?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Messy messy messy.....

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get motivated and inspired when your workspace is all cluttered and just plain messy? Thats what i'm dealing with now. I have a tons of things I need to get started on but I can't even get motivated to clean my craft room!. Ahhhhh. If my workspace were to warp into portrait mode, it might look something like this.

Anyway, I'll get to that tomorrow...

So I have been dying to get a fish eye lens for my camera for about 3 years now. and it will never happen, simply because I refuse to pay the asking price for something that I will not use everyday. I bought one of the lomo fisheye film cameras last year and it is alright but I wish I had something better. Has anyone heard of using a peep hole for a fish eye lens? I have read about it in a few magazines, and I think I might give it a try. :) Here are some fun fish eye inspirations!

Its like looking through the eyes of a fish..... like by Tom Cotter Etc.

And Here are a few from my Lomo fish eye. The quality is ok. I still love them :)

Me and my honey

My pups, Fargo...
Me and My mini sister...

Don't they just make you smile? I love love love them, it is probably my favorite style of photographs. So pretty :)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little sweetness..........

Here are a few sweet things that have me all excited this week.

1] I signed up for Happy Mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can not wait!!!

You should probably sign up too :)

2] On Valentines day my sweetie took me down town for some vintage shops and a hunt for bubble tea. I had been hearing about this cute little tea alllll over and was dying to try it. Just from the pictures I knew I would love it. and that I did. mmmm. in love...
mmmm...bubble tea by egyptia78.

3] I am really excited to try Macarons..... I spent last weekend looking up recipes and thinking that I can make these sweet little pretties on my own. False. After a little research, I realized I should just buy some. But where? I called a few bakeries by my house and none of them had any. :( Oh well, I am determined and I will find them. Just Look how pretty they are!
Macarons by La tartine gourmande.

Yesterday it was warm and sunny in Chicago....tonight we got a snowstorm. Go Figure.
Lieutenant Whitey was all snowy when he came inside...

What a cutie!

Im off to bed, I am going to once again attempt to get up for a 5am gym run before work. we will see if that happens. ;)



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Nights Class....

I am so excited! I signed up for the quiet nights class yesterday and I can't wait. It is throught Vivian from Polka Dot Robot. Her art journals are so inspiring and I know this class will be amazing! I am very anxious as well because I have not done something like this in over a year. I used to scrap book almost every day and now that I have so many more responsibilities and what not, I just haven't had the time. Can't wait!

P.S. I need to get used to this whole blogging world. It can get overwhelming sometimes and I feel like I never have time to post or much to post about. Oh well, im sure it is something that takes time. We will see.


So it is an amazing 38 degrees in Chicago beautiful, I think I'll take my little pup to the lake. :)

Here is an amaing song for you to enjoy.......

and some inspiring pictures I came across today.......


Gabriel Jeffrey Photography
Sam Robinson #2

Puts me in the mood for a photo shoot and mini road trip.....hmmmmm not a bad idea.

Enjoy the weekend Loves,


Saturday, February 13, 2010

So In Love...................

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! The hubbs and I are going on a little date downtown. When we first started dating we would Always spontaneously jump on the train and walk around downtown taking pictures of everything. I miss those days. But now that we have full time jobs and a house it is not as easy. BUT............tomorrow we are going to do just that! We are going to browse all the amazing vintage shops on Belmont and im bringing 2 cameras! and then a lunch date, and a search for bubble tea.....Yesss! ;)

So we have only been married for about 7 months now but I am so realizing how lucky we are to have the love that we have. Upon talking to some co-workers and finding out just how blessed I truly am, I got a bit teary eyed. He is one in a million.

There he is ^ Love
We started dating in 2004 ^
He proposed to me in Colorado in the mountains, Sept. 13 2008
We were married last year July 18, 2009 ♥
I am truly blessed to have such an amazing person to share my life with. He is my best friend, and I do not know what I would do without him.
Here is the valentine I made him...
And my sweet nails...........

Happy Valentines Everyone!!!!! May it filled with true old and maybe even some new love ;)



Thursday, February 4, 2010

early bird?

Do you ever have so many thoughts and ideas running through your head that you just can't sleep? It's 3:30 am. My husband just left for work and I am wide awake! and very excited about it. Im sure I will regret missing the sleep later, but I will jump at the chance to get into some of my projects before work :)

I am currently building a new table for my craft room. and I am so excited about it! I painted it purple....I am a sucker for purple, always have been.

I can't believe January is over...geezz time flies!
I want to start doing a re-cap of each month using photos. So here it goes.

My Hubby turned 27!

2 by you.
I made him this yummy cake.......he loves marshmallows

3 by you.

r7 by you.
Had a little Birthday for my dad! Mom was out of town so it was just us! [minus my brother]

name2 by you.
I did a mini photo shoot for a band :)
Here are some pics.........

8 by you.

32 by you.

5 by you.

Had a fun Girls night out in DT Naperville

r2 by you.

And some fun times with my hubby!

r6 by you.

A few things that Im loving at the moment before I go............................

This is a pattern from simplicity and I can not wait to tackle it! I keep putting it off in hopes of finding the perfect fabric. Any ideas? I can't wait!

I need to have this phone....

mustard yellow rotary phone by you.

My boss at work has a black one at home that she doesn't want! So I will see what I can do as far as painting it goes!

2010-01-31-rainbow by you.

Oh dear lord! Rainbow pancakes..............................they look amazing. almost too amazing to eat. :)

Time to get ready for work... Have a wonderful Day!


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