Monday, January 31, 2011

Blizzard time :0

According to those trusty weather people
Chicago will be a blizzard tomorrow
Gusty winds and 18 inches of snow.
Im most excited about driving home from work in Kankakee.
They don't plow very well down there. 
Should be a fun drive. Maybe it will get all crazy and they will cancel clinic!
but that would never happen. :(


This: water bobble I use mine errr dayyyy alll dayyy.
(i got mine at target for $9)
These: Veggie Samosas I want to make these soooo bad!
 Have you ever had one? Oh my...
I want: this trampoline I hear they are a pretty amazing workout.
sometimes running gets boring

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Medieval Times ♥

Has anyone ever been to Medieval Times? I think there are only 7 of them in the US and one in Canada. If you ever get the chance to go its a really fun dinner show.My husband and I went while we were on our honeymoon and he fell in love with it. So his wish this year was to have his birthday at Medieval Times. He's so cute. We ended up with a party of 24 of our friends. 

The place is an actual castle and all of the employees dress and talk the part. By the end of the night I was hoping people would continue referring to me as 'my lady.' At one point during the show I got up and asked where the bathroom was and the wench (thats what you call them) pointed to a bright light and said 'where the star lays in the sky my lady' ha-ha. It was so fun. 

The food was beyond amazing. The veggie meal was a tomato bisque soup that you have to drink from a bowl. The meal came with pita chips and hummus, grilled veggies, and a portabello mushroom bowl stuffed with rice. mmmmm The people who had the regular meal had to eat with their hands!

The show is pretty entertaining and the crowd gets into it because each seating section is a deferent color, which coordinates with the color of a knight. We had the Red knight so we were rooting for him all night. Unfortunately he didn't win but he was a good sport. My husband lost his voice by the end of the night from cheering so loud! So like I said, if you are near one of their locations go see the show! So worth it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Singin in the Rain

Oh my, im smitten.
Last night my cute little hubby introduced me to "Singin' in the Rain" I can't even believe I've never seen it before. I love everything about it, the way they dress, talk and dance. Especially the way they dance. I want to dance like that!! And I think Im in love with Gene Kelly, and I wish he could teach me to dance. 

My cute little husband is excited to show me all the classics now. Geez, I've been missing out. When I went to bed last night I could hear him singing away in the other room. It was just so cute. So here are a some sweet little videos.

My favorite scene from the movie of course :)

So incredibly in love with this song/video.

My husband showed me this song a few years ago and its pretty amazing.

I took the day off today with  a mile long to-do list in mind. I'd better get started on that. Have an awesome day!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Geez...Where have i been

Things I can not wait for:
Wampum lake. To cuddle with my hubby outside.
To have picnic dates with my mini sister. 

To go on fun road trips.And to take full advantage
 of the warm weather to come this year.

To see if my Hubby gets into Paramedic school. even thought I know he will.

Things that are just so wonderful, but not really:
Walking into my bathroom and getting stream shot in the face with water. 
I need to remember to change the lint trap more often.

A patients wound smelling so foul we had to open all the doors in the building. I sensed that I smelled like that all day. Then I almost threw up. This shouldn't be under this category

Things that creep me out:
Dog sees cat reflection in outside window and barks like crazy. 
Stephanie plays detective, sees reflection of a hanging coat and freaks out.

Dryer making a howling ghost noise while shaking vigorously. Then realizing it was the music playing in the kitchen combined with the dryer, it happens.  

My "chandelier" moving only two crystals at a time, in the wind? I don't
 have vents in my house (old school) 

Book Im loving:
"The Language of Trees" Ilie Ruby
(doesn't she have the coolest name?)
I can not put this down! Lie, I just put it down.
Find it here.

Things that are pretty Fantastic:
The Hubbs did amazing on his 1 month of veg. And even better, hes been 
completely plant based for the past two weeks. He has lost 20 lbs in about 2 months. How sweet is that? Im so proud of him :) The downfall is that now I have to share all my yummy healthy food. Haha 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I know im a little late on this but here it goes. I didn't want to go overboard like I did last year. It just gets depressing when you only get to check off 4/25 things. lol. So we will keep it simple and important.

My goals for 2011

1) Go back to school. If I don't do this, I will regret it my entire life.
2) Weekly date night. Hubbs 
and I have crazy schedules and don't
 spend enough time together.
 So we need to make this happen
3) Run a 5k or two. 
4) Go on at least 2 road trips, if money allows.
5)  Cut Coupons and actually use them.

This shouldn't be too difficult but who knows.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rang in the New Year....

With the Black Keys


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 memories....

This year has been full of fun and adventure. Its been stressful, sad and hard at times, but it has allowed me to learn from it, grow from it and it has left us happy and healthy in the end, thats what really matters. I cherish each and every one of these past moments and I thank God for allowing us to have them at all. With that said, I thought I would do a little photo recap from this past year. Favorites from 2010. :)

I took a family vacation with just my parents and two sisters to Door County. It was more than amazing.
You can check out all the pictures here, here, and here :)

We had fun dressing up as housewives for Halloween :)

We celebrated our 1st marriage anniversary! Took and little road trip to West Virginia to go white water rafting and we cliff jumped off a 30 ft rock!

We took a little road trip to the Wigwam Village in Kentucky so that we could sleep in a wigwam!
I made a video about our trip here.

We saw We Were Promised Jetpacks in the pouring rain and it was one of the most amazing shows Ive ever been too.

I made these fun little guys for a cupcake day i organized at work. We need to have fun there somehow right?

We hiked in Shawnee National Forest with my bestie and I carved our initials in a tree ♥

We had a cute little surprise birthday picnic for my sister :)

We went to Starved Rock for a little weekend adventure. and made a video about it here.

My sister and I took part in the polar plunge. We plunged into Lake Michigan in March to raise money for the Chicago special Olympics. So amazing and so cold :)

Had fun making a nerdy video with my sisters. Video here

Love this picture. Finally made a fun video of our honeymoon

I had an adventure with my sister and my dog  in Greenwood, Indiana.

Hit up Veggie Fest for the first time....loved it.

Had a fruit shoot with my sister.

Enjoyed watching my pup loving the snow.

Had super fun picnics at the lake with my other sister. 

And finally we rang in the new year with The Black Keys.

So thank you 2010 for some amazing memories
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