Thursday, May 27, 2010

Procrastinators Unite!!!!!........................tomorrow!

I am supposed to be packing and what not
but thats not fun

I've been creepin on some old pics on my computer lately
Lets have a look see?

So this is the creepiest picture I've ever seen of myself
Are we still friends? because I think its sweet

I love this picture for some reason.
We were in the city, Hubbs played a show at a roof top party.
[Roof Top in the City= Amazingness]

This was the first "photo shoot" I ever did. And this picture will always be my favorite.
[and holy geez is my sister not gorgeous, no fair!]

Haha I just love this. We were getting ready for a lil road trip with the fam + sig. others. Husband pulls out eighteen cowboy hats from his trunk?

I used to lay on the ground in the middle of winter trying to get the perfect shot of my sister in air.
I miss that.

I think this is my favorite picture I've ever taken. Colorado. 
It's where I want to be. But most importantly where Hubbs wants to be.
But I can't leave my family. They are everything to me.

Haha...I erased my leg so it looks like I have the strongest husband ever. 
One handed baby!
[Muscle Milkkkkkkk]

Oh my goodness, this was soo long ago. But I still love this picture. Sigh.......
This was at navy pier in front of the lake but I remember we were telling people it was taken on our yacht.

Ok I have to get to work, oh geez its 10:20. Be back Tuesday!!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me procrastinate!



So tomorrow morning the Hubbs and I are setting off for our first roadtrip this year!
Yay!! Im excited
No work for 4 days

I have a question for all of you lovely people
We will be traveling from Chicago down to Cave City, KY
Do you know of anything fun to do on the way?

Photo Opps
Creepy things
Thrift Shops
Ice Cream parlors

Anything Fun!

If you do, I would appreciate the input :)

 I can't wait! I was told they have free dance lessons as well.
{don't worry I am bringing my video camera as well}

We only booked two nights in the teepee's then we are gona go all crazy and
wing it! no plans....and that excites me.

{Husband is chanting like an indian as I type, [hey how are ya, hey how are ya]}
I don't think thats what they say....

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Ill be back Tuesday!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Song time :)

Just wanted to post this video because, well, its pretty amazing.

My husband and I were introduced at our reception to this song and we danced all the way to our table

Aren't they just the cutest? 
Matt and Kim- "Daylight"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun is Shining :)

"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet

Make you want to move your dancing feet"

Beautiful weather
Lazy Day
Me and my mini sister
at the lake all day..........

picnic basket
fresh baked muffins
sweet strawberries
[and hard-boiled eggs?]

What a beautiful day it was yesterday.
My sister and I went to the little lake by my house and spent the day in the sun with some sweet music, food, and a good book....

I love days like this....

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tonight I was bored....

So I made a Blog Button!
How fun for me :)

Thats my dog,
Licking my face off
I though it was a great reflection on my life
since that is what he does allllll day :)
Here are a few photos I took of my pretty little sister.

What a beauty. Love you Sheester.......

p.s- the lovely light blue color in the pics above is my newly painted bathroom.
Ill share pics when its finished.
I love it so much I don't want to use it :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I love, things I've learned.....

Last night I found my husband in the kitchen, hovered over the garbage can.
He was sucking on a handful of $6 almonds, just to get the salt and vinegar flavor
Then he simply dropped them into the trash.
He bought Two $6 cans.

Sunday the hubbs had his friends over
I made a big yummy salad with cucumbers radishes green onions and apples.
We all enjoyed the salad.
My husband ate a bowl of croĆ»ton's drowned in Italian dressing.

I learned that I can not leave my husband home alone.....
when cupcakes are present.
Before learning this.
I came home to a happy husband and told him that he looked so cute!
[well he did :)]
And he precedes to to say...
"I'm so cute, because I'm full of cupcakes."
[husband bats eyes]

When husbands calls to ask if he can spend $40 on something......
Add $10
subtract $3.50
and multiply by 2
Figure real number

I've slowly learned that ten dollars has no meaning.
When he says that this game is $30
It is really $39.99
[as long as its still in the 30's?]

Some lovins from a very Geo-Saturday ♥


Saturday, May 15, 2010

These accidentally came home with me.....

It was garage sale mayhem in Frankfort today
the annual community sale that is...

this year I opted for team jerseys
but my sister opposed

I was up at 6 am
at my moms by 7 and out the door.

Of course we were the only crazies out there
stalking the poor people who had just started displaying their goods.

I was very proud of myself
simply for the fact that I only spent $30

and looky what I got...........
I have so many ideas for this...... possibly in my backyard...hmmmm

I love this so much, it was only $5

These owl lights are adorable. a little cleaning and they will brighten up the night :)

Ohhh how i love this mirror, I think I know exactly where I am going to put it...

We even found this cute little shirt for marley.

So I would call today a success. I found a lot more goodies than pictured and I had so much fun with my family :)

Hope your having a wonderful weekend!!!

Oh, I am guest posting tonight over on Justine's Blog! She is doing a segment on cheap and fun dates! Check it out she is adorable :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

Here's our creepy video to brighten up your friday.....
or dampen it.

[warning: it gets all sorts of ghetto]

Guess what tomorrow is??
Frankfort Squares Community Garage Sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year this goes on, and it is like a kid in a candy store for our kind
My mom and I are going to start creeping around 7am
There will be like 700877899 homes having sales.
I am so flippin excited :)

And I get to see my Florida Grammy this weekend :)

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sesame sticks

Hey there Lovely people.....

Its kind of late but I wanted to share some of my weekend with you :)
And don't worry,
It is, as usual, Image heavy :)
Just the way I like it......

Made this little jar filled with lovelies for my momma.
All of the kids wrote little sayings in it for her....
I told her when she was stressed out at work she could pick one out and read it .
Hopefully it will make her smile.

Yesterday she called me at work in tears.
She said she was having a stressful day so she read one.
And then she read the entire jar!

I love my mom to pieces.

I also baked some heart shaped cookies
[more like cookie dough, but whatever]

And attempted to make ch. covered strawberries.
After I burnt an entire block of almond bark I finally succeeded.
I put them in a cute little tin for my mom and mom-in law :)

This is my Dad.....
I learned everything I know from him.
He is a goof, and I love him :)

These shoes cost me $6 and I love them.
Me and my mini sister....
So this little Stud right here [The hubbs]
Yea, he started a blog
How exciting!!!!

Go check him out, he has some crazy stories about his life in EMS and Fire
and even if that's not your thing, well.....
he's funny........and pretty flippin cute
[hey back off!]

Oh and before I go...............................

here is a little sneak peek 'hint' to a sweet video me and my sisters made.
We are kind of creeps, and this video will display that quite well.
I will post it this week ;)

welcomes, mrs. ghetto caruso.

Yep, for reals......

Are we still friends?

[the "chain" I am wearing is my grandmas old belt, she wore it at my age]
{my gma weights 95 lbs so I just use it to act all gangsta}

Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

It's me, Steph
You have always been my biggest inspiration in life.
You have always been the one I look up too.
You have always been there to encourage me.
And you have always been there to teach me.

I don't think it is possible to repay you for what you have given me in life.
Although, even if I had something worth to offer,
I know you would never take it.

You have put your family first in every which way possible
and have been there for all of us, no matter what.

You managed to raise four crazy, weird, and loving children.

You and Dad have molded us into what I like to call "adult-ly challenged but in a good way adults"
[i am making up all sorts of words these days.]
Meaning, we are all grown up and responsible, but we will never lose the fun in life.
and I think that is more important than anything.

Your relationship with Dad is one that not many people have these days.
As we grew up, we saw love, and we were given love.
And it has stayed with all of us. And I thank you for that more than anything.
Love, is one of the most important parts of life.

Love is magical......

Everything I am today is because of you.
Someday, I hope to be half the mother that you are.
I am fortunate enough to have learned from the best.

You even stood by me when I had penis antlers on my head.
{Bachelorette party}
[That makes above statement ok]

You are an amazing woman of God and I would not be the same without you.
So again, I thank you mom. I love you more than you know.


My mom is truly amazing, and one of the most creative women I know.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone, go brag about you mom. She deserves it ;)
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