Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so I ventured out to the theater around 7 today for the midnight showing of eclipse. thinking there would be a huge line because it was sold out and we ended up being the 5th people in line. and to top that, they let us into the theater at 9! so that is pretty sweet. also, every time my sister turns to talk to her friend I steal some of her pretty blue slurpee. I'm smuggled in some cheesy goldfish. so all is good. what's even better is that Mr. Caruso accompanied me too. :) but now we are surounded by loud high school kids so lord please help me. however, as lame as it sounds I'm super excited to see my Edward. haha. don't judge me. ;) alrighty, back to waiting. work should be fun tomorrow running on a few hours of sleep. I'm still editing the pics from my magical hiking trip. hopefully they will be up tomorrow!. p.s sorry if this post looks funny, this is my first time blogging from my phone. Steph <3

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Friday, June 25, 2010

When I grew up, we only had dogs. 
Every time I saw a cat at someones house it either ignored me or hissed at me
So I hated cats

When I started dating my husband he was living with his grandparents
who are what you would call 'cat people'
And once I saw all the little kittens the mother had just delivered
I fell in love

One day while the Hubbs was roofing a house
He came across a litter of kittens in the soffet (<--how the heck do you spell that?)
And so he rescued and brought home four little kittens!
We nursed each and every one of them.
And we decided to keep this special one that he named "Shingles"
We gave the rest of the kittens to loving families :)

Then came "Noodles"
We rescued her from a friends farm
There was a littler of kittens living inside the farm equipment and tractors
and it wasn't safe for them

I found all these pictures on an old memory card and thought I would share :)

How cute is she???
But now she is big and fat
I wish they would stay that size forever!!!

This is how the introduction of Reese's and Noodles went......
they still hate each other

I am off to Starved Rock tonight with my sisters and hubby
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
I will be hiking and taking wayyyy too many pictures!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A few fun pics I took the other day........

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ill be back later this week! ♥


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day ♥

My father is simply amazing
He is one of the smartest people I know
Seriously, ask him a question and he will know the answer

He can build pretty much anything from scratch.
He doesn't hire people to do things. He does them himself
and if he doesn't know how, he will teach himself.

He was really into woodworking
and he and my mom did craft shows all the time.
which is pretty sweet
I'm hoping to get motivated enough someday and 
do the same

He gave me my love for photography
The first slr I used was his old film cannon rebel
And I fell in love.

Because of him I have a pretty mean golf swing....
I may not be able get the ball in the hole,
but hey Ive got great form.

His love for my mother, its extraordinary.....
and its inspiring....
When he says " your mother is so beautiful," when shes across the room,
my heart sinks.
He loves her more than anything after 30 years.
He has given us such a perfect example 
of what Love is.

He is also one of the biggest goof-balls I know.
It's not rare to see him prancing around the house wearing one of 
my sisters hats, while singing and dancing
He can always make us laugh :)

[This is one of my favorite pictures of him creeping behind the tree. haha!]

I love that he has recorded just about everything since all of us kids were born
We have so may memories too look back on
Makes me soo happy :)

My father works harder than anyone I know
He goes from sun up to sun down
and never complains
He is truly amazing
And I feel so blessed to call him my Father

I love you Dad,
Thank you for everything


Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I unload my phone on here?

I'm not a huge fan of phone cameras
However, they do come in handy at times
But then I always forget about them :(
So I figured I'd put them to good use in this post?

My lil Coffee cozies

Attemped the cheetah nail....ehh

The first time I tried sushi......I got yelled at for cutting them up and eating them with a fork.
I don't like sushi 

Tried some flowers.

Most amazing 'pizza' ever! If you have a Nancy's pizza by you try the garbage salad with feta. ohhh lord, amazing.

B's frozen yogurt, I mean bowl of candy with a sprinkle of fro-yo. He got really excited about all his options that he just decided on everything.

The Flying Cupcake shop :)

"Red Velvet Elvis" 

And a miniature Lt. Whitey at the vet....

Thats about all. 

Im trying to get to bed soon
 I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow for 
a Cubs game. 
I need to be in Carol Stream by 8 am...
Holy boy!
Now, Im pro Sox
but the games are fun with friends.

Husband is out storm chasing...
I think he went all the way out to Iowa and he should be following
the storm back to Chicago in the next hour or so.
but if my power goes out while Im home alone
we are going to have some problems
I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dark.
[oh my goodness, im getting all creeped out already]

Well then, 
goodnight friends
Have a wonderus weekend :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a beautiful day

Tonight my husband showed me some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen
and they were right in our very own neighborhood

How great is the feeling
 when you can just sit back and stare at God's beautiful creations
for what seems like forever
So at ease and so peaceful.
I love it ♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ I heart it ♥

Anything having to do with my honey and my cupcakes.

Photographing my food

This song........I've been obsessed with it for over 3 years. I secretly wish I could sing like her. 

Sending hints to my bff since 5th grade.......... she can't stay away for too long :)
[that little line is a whopping 6 hour drive!!]

and knowing that Fargo can still teach Lt. Whitey a few things makes me smile :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Greenwood, Indiana?

Say what??
Thats where I spent my weekend :) Homeless

Friday night: Me, hubbs, mini sister, Lt. Whitey
Pack the car and head down south
Destination: Greenwood, IN

My husband had to take a test for work. Since he missed his testing date out here
he had no choice to pack up and venture out for the weekend
We checked into our hotel  Friday night at 11 pm after our 3 hour drive

and of course we had Bed jumping wars...

I drop husband off for test at 7 am
Mini sister, Lt, whitey and I check out of hotel @ 10 am
thinking his test will take 2-3 hours tops
We head for lunch and browse some local shops

Turns out, there were so many people testing it took him 12 hours to finish!!!

Heres the scenario:
2 sisters
1 dog
1 car
no home
90 degrees
Rain showers on and off
for 12 hours
in Greenwood, IN
And we had a blast :)

First off, we found the most amazing cupcake shop ever.
"The Flying Cupcake" Ill give it a post of its own at a later time
But to keep it short
" Red Velvet Elvis"
enough said...

Then there was Mrs. Curls Ice cream
Oh my lord, adorable....

We got Lt. Whitey his own lil pup cup :)
He loved it

He let mini sister have his biscuit, how generous is he?

We spent a lot of time here so Lt. Whitey could stay cool. It was his first time in water
and he Loved it!!!
He looks like a cow graving in the pasture. he-he
We found some sweet
Thrift shops
Bead shops
Used books and record store
and then spent some time napping in parking lots.....

Finally at around 7:30 husband called to say they were finished. Apparently there were so many people it just took all day. He was frustrated but happy he passed and just wanted to get home.

We finally got home around 11 pm and the next day we made a pretty breakfast.
Waffles with a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar, strawberries and bananas!
mmmmm its Love ♥

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything exciting?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Standing on the corner selling rap cd's to kids with greasy hair"

My sisters came over yesterday
And they brought me these Beautiful flowers
How awesome ♥
I love them :)

We did a little shoot with my mini sister.
Nothin special, we just sat in front of my house
because there wasn't much too do.

We had a good time just hanging out and watching the Hawks destroy :)
I love my sisters ♥

So my sister and her friend write songs and play guitar
and they are amazing
I finally got her to sing and play in front of the camrea.
So take a look
I think this one is called
"standing on the corner selling rap cd's to kids with greasy hair?"

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