Friday, October 29, 2010

Door County: part 2

Fish Creek: The town we stayed in
So beautiful, and so much time with the family :)

And some very yummy lattes ♥

Today I got off of work at 12pm. But only because I have to work clinic tomorrow :(
But I would much rather get out early and go in on Saturday for some reason.

After work I spent about 4 hours thrifting and trying to piece together a costume.
I came up with three (3) different costume options that are budget friendly and fairly easy because I am so last minute of course ;) But each option seems to be missing one thing. Heres what I've got so far

1) Wheres Waldo: Red and white striped shirt. Glasses. Jeans. But I can not find a white hat! I was just going to add a red stripe and pom pon but no luck.

2) French lady: Black and White striped shirt. Red bĂ©ret. Red scarf. But I still need to find black skinny jeans or a pencil skirt that fits right.

3) 60's housewife: 2 dress options. pearls. martini glass. shoes. But no apron- but ill just throw one together if i go this route. 

Im still not too sure what I should be..Ahhh decisions decisions.....

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and zombie husbands!!

I love this pic of us because of it old fashioned horror movie feel :)

Just thought I would share some previous Halloween costumes!
Last year I went as a magician and my Hubbs was a zombie (like every year.. lol)

Easy costume....I had a black dress I wore to a wedding in my closet. I bought The mini top hat, gloves, and bow tie, made a wand and some magic tricks! Easy peasy and super cute :)

My husband is a miracle worker when it comes to stage make-up type stuff. So pretty much every year he does his own Zombie makeup. He is seriously amazing and does not use pre-made wounds. He creates them all himself using gelatin and some other stuff that I don't know anything about. Isn't he talented?

My little sister and her friend were Indians last year. Just a simple trip to the thrift store will do the trick
and look how cute they are!

I have a few ideas for Halloween this year but nothing too exciting, and yea im pretty last minute but Oh well! 
Im thinking Katniss Everdeen for work tomorrow and Wheres Waldo for the weekend if I can throw something together. What are you being for Hallwoeen? Any ideas I can steal?? Lol. Have a wonderful night!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Door County: part 1

So I had such an awesome time with my family in Door County this past weekend. 
So relaxing, and so beautiful.
Fall was definitely in full gear over there. 
Everything was yellow, orange, red, and green. 
Leaves and water everywhere!!!!

Im going to do a few different posts on this since I took so many pictures.
Surprising ehhh??

Ill start with the old farm house we stayed in.
It was pretty awesome. Everything inside was thrifted,  or just plain old. and wonderful.

Thats the house in the corner. 
It was enormous. And like I said very old and sweet.
The man that owns the house was pretty awesome. He has a festival in the summer called "Fish Stock," since they live in Fish Creek. The barn below is actually a music venue. It has a loft inside with a projector screen and they made it into a theater. Every game day they watch the Packers Bears? Pretty awesome.

The owner has about 3 houses on his property and during the summer he rents them out to college kids. He has a game room for them with a 400 book library. He has about 4 organic gardens and he let us help ourselves :) He also has some of these running around. So cute and I didn't mind them waking me up.

There was a tree swing and a tire swing so we could let ourselves be little again.....

There were leaves everywhere.................

And we had a bonfire every. single. night.

 [and I can not even begin to describe the stars]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey friends..........
I had an amazing trip with my family this past weekend. 
Im just getting back into the swing of things
and trying to eliminate the mess Im left with at work! Ahhh
I'll be back tomorrow with a massive amount of pictures

Have a lovely night. It so chilly in Chicago. Love it 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin time

Is it too early for carving pumpkins?

The hubbs and I carved them up last night. Mine was the simple little heart and his is all fancy and wonderful.
Have a great day :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cat in a bag....

Noodles loves bags
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Gym bags
your bag
Yesterday my husband decided to Remix part of our wedding vows.....
Is that legal? Anyway it goes like this

"To Love and to Cherish
To Tickle and Annoy
Until death do us part"
He's so darn cute

Today we are going to a new church for the first time to see if we like it :)

And Friday I am going to Door County with my family :)
Actually just my parents and sisters.
My poor hubby can't go because of fire academy and my brother is working like crazy.

I am beyond excited and can not wait to spend some good old fashion relaxing time with my fam.
My parents usually go there every year for their anniversary, and this year they rented a house and invited the kids! The Sister Bay Fall festival is what they go for every year and it is supposed to be wonderful. Crafts crafts crafts :) 

I am having a horrible time trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween. I have been looking for ideas everywhere and I can't seem to find any! Ugh. Hopefully it will come to me.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food Love: Quinoa and Baby Bok Choy

Tonights dinner........
Quinoa and Baby Bok Choy

Not really a recipe as much as a meal suggestion because there is not much too it. 
[sidenote: baby bok choy is voted worlds cutest veggie when raw, in my book]


Baby bok choy
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Cook your Quinoa on the stove! There should be directions on your package but if not it would be one part Quinoa 2 parts water. I usually throw in 1 cup quinoa with 2 cups water, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and let cook until all the water is absorbed. Simple :)

Then steam your baby bok choy. I use this to steam all my yummy veggies. They are super cheap and so easy. You just set  it inside your pot and fill the bottom with water. Throw in your veggies and cover to steam.
As for the BBB, it usually only takes mine a few minutes but wait until the leaves start to wilt a bit and then poke the stalk with a fork. If it goes in easy its done.

Place your amazing looking food on a plate. Drizzle with the vinaigrette or dressing of choice and enjoy :)

Quinoa is on of my favorite things in the world. Its so simple to cook, tastes amazing, and it is so very good for you. Full of protein and lots of other goodies. You can eat it plain or throw some other veggies on top!

Recently Ive been eating quinoa and steamed Kale for breakfast after reading this book. I thought that was a little strange at first, but hey we eat breakfast for dinner right? I love it, its a simple morning meal filled with stuff thats good for me :)

I guess my whole point of this post was to tell you how amazing quinoa is and that you should probably go get some. I know you can get it at a whole foods, trader joes, and meijer around Chicago but if you can't find it by you google it. :)

Let me know if anyone tries it or if you are as obsessed with it as I am ;)

a wonderful random.....

On my way home from work today before turning into my hood I noticed a pack of children sporting bicycles and my little pony backpacks hanging out in front of the liquor store. Uhh....hmmm

After the gym today I was craving some steamed Kale so I stopped at this market around the corner. I have passed it for years and never went in. I am now in love. They have every green you could ever imagine. All in one place. And I usually have a hard time finding baby bok choy but they had a surplus of it. A bunch of kale was only .59. Oh lordy they have stolen my heart. I told the cashier I was in love and she just looked at me funny.

Have you ever had one of those, "oh wow we are getting old" moments?
Saturday night my husband and I found ourselves at Bakers Square at 10:30 drinking coffee and eating a slice of pie. Sunday morning we woke up and went for a walk while eating apples. It was wonderful, but not your typical weekend for 20 somethings.

I went through my pantry last week and got rid of everything we will never really eat. A lot of canned items and pasta which are all still good. I don't want to throw it all away. Does anyone know what type of place I could bring it too? Im not too sure of any homeless shelters but I guess I can look that up.

That was random. Be back soon and have a wonderful day!

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