Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting things done

Today is a day to get things done. I have been so overwhelmed the past few months. Constantly thinking of everything I need to finish and accomplish before the baby gets here. Yesterday the Hubbs and I were able to accomplish a lot in the house. We did a spring cleaning on our bedroom and finally hung the headboard that my mom and I made a few months ago. I did a lot of cleaning closets and what not. And Hubby put up the crib!!! The crib that my mom and I scored for $20 at a garage sale! Sweet. It is good as new and I loveeee it! Seeing it in the room makes this little adventure feel all the more real. :)

Today Brandon is working Lollapalooza all day so im heading out to my moms to work on a few more projects. We are in the middle of finishing up and painting 2 dressers that we got at resale shops and garage sales. Well, my dad is pretty much doing all the work. Hehe. Ill show pics of all our little projects later but Im just so glad everything is coming together. We still have a ton of work to finish in these last three months but Im going to try not to stress about it. Have a wonderful day!

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