Friday, April 13, 2012


How fun it is that all of us lame Android users can finally get Instagram? I know this is old news but I'm finally able to do a "My life in Instagram" post. How exciting for me. 
So here goes it :)

Def. not as cool as the iphone app. I can't even make those awesome collages and stuff.
I had to rig this one in photoshop and it sucks. Oh well, you get the point.

Morning coffee / / Dad's gnocci veggie amazingness
Sisters and sunnies / / baby eating parrot
teaching baby to give a dog a bone / / a melted fork from a hot sweet potato

Im baby.less for the next few hours and I am so excited to clean my house,
shower, and.........I don't even remember what I used to do before that beautiful little boy :)

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