Friday, December 30, 2011

Just like Daddy

I love this picture. I found a pair of newborn shoes that looked just like my husbands work boots. 
I know that Noah is going to grow up to be just like his daddy. 

I feel like my little boy is growing so fast already. As every mother has told me, "they grow up so fast"
Well, yes that is true. When I delivered he was only 7 lb 10 oz. and only 6 short weeks later he 
is almost 13lb. Big boy. But I can already see how much he has changed. Physically and his personality. 
Im getting scared that I am going to miss or forget some of the cute little things that he does at this stage 
but I know that I just have to cherish them while they last. I love my little boy and I can not 
thank God enough for him. Looking so forward to a new year with my new little family.


  1. I love this picture!! So so sweet. "They grow up so fast" is the truest cliche I've ever heard <3


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