Thursday, December 29, 2011

a late birth announcement....

Im usually a little late with everything.... so this is normal. Almost 6 weeks later and I finally post his birth announcement. I had these printed up as photographs with a little thank you note on the side and saved myself so much money instead of printing them as a card or real birth announcement. I think they turned out pretty well. My sister thinks he looks like he is in a straight jacket but I think he looks adorable. He is all swaddled up in the miracle blanket. Has anyone ever used them? I think they work pretty well and there is nothing cuter than when my little boy is all swaddled up, perfectly content and staring at me with his beautiful little eyes. 

This photo session was funny because he usually cries a little when I first put him in the blanket so I gave him a pacifier to calm him down, and he usually spits it out every 2 minutes. Well this particular time he decided he wanted to hold on to that binkie for dear life and wouldn't drop it! I had him all set up for the picture and had to wait there forever for him to drop it! I didn't want to take it from him either or this picture would have turned out a tad bit different! But baby boy finally let go and mamma snapped away. I think he's just cute as pie, but Im a bit bias. :) 

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