Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Geez...Where have i been

Things I can not wait for:
Wampum lake. To cuddle with my hubby outside.
To have picnic dates with my mini sister. 

To go on fun road trips.And to take full advantage
 of the warm weather to come this year.

To see if my Hubby gets into Paramedic school. even thought I know he will.

Things that are just so wonderful, but not really:
Walking into my bathroom and getting stream shot in the face with water. 
I need to remember to change the lint trap more often.

A patients wound smelling so foul we had to open all the doors in the building. I sensed that I smelled like that all day. Then I almost threw up. This shouldn't be under this category

Things that creep me out:
Dog sees cat reflection in outside window and barks like crazy. 
Stephanie plays detective, sees reflection of a hanging coat and freaks out.

Dryer making a howling ghost noise while shaking vigorously. Then realizing it was the music playing in the kitchen combined with the dryer, it happens.  

My "chandelier" moving only two crystals at a time, in the wind? I don't
 have vents in my house (old school) 

Book Im loving:
"The Language of Trees" Ilie Ruby
(doesn't she have the coolest name?)
I can not put this down! Lie, I just put it down.
Find it here.

Things that are pretty Fantastic:
The Hubbs did amazing on his 1 month of veg. And even better, hes been 
completely plant based for the past two weeks. He has lost 20 lbs in about 2 months. How sweet is that? Im so proud of him :) The downfall is that now I have to share all my yummy healthy food. Haha 

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