Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 memories....

This year has been full of fun and adventure. Its been stressful, sad and hard at times, but it has allowed me to learn from it, grow from it and it has left us happy and healthy in the end, thats what really matters. I cherish each and every one of these past moments and I thank God for allowing us to have them at all. With that said, I thought I would do a little photo recap from this past year. Favorites from 2010. :)

I took a family vacation with just my parents and two sisters to Door County. It was more than amazing.
You can check out all the pictures here, here, and here :)

We had fun dressing up as housewives for Halloween :)

We celebrated our 1st marriage anniversary! Took and little road trip to West Virginia to go white water rafting and we cliff jumped off a 30 ft rock!

We took a little road trip to the Wigwam Village in Kentucky so that we could sleep in a wigwam!
I made a video about our trip here.

We saw We Were Promised Jetpacks in the pouring rain and it was one of the most amazing shows Ive ever been too.

I made these fun little guys for a cupcake day i organized at work. We need to have fun there somehow right?

We hiked in Shawnee National Forest with my bestie and I carved our initials in a tree ♥

We had a cute little surprise birthday picnic for my sister :)

We went to Starved Rock for a little weekend adventure. and made a video about it here.

My sister and I took part in the polar plunge. We plunged into Lake Michigan in March to raise money for the Chicago special Olympics. So amazing and so cold :)

Had fun making a nerdy video with my sisters. Video here

Love this picture. Finally made a fun video of our honeymoon

I had an adventure with my sister and my dog  in Greenwood, Indiana.

Hit up Veggie Fest for the first time....loved it.

Had a fruit shoot with my sister.

Enjoyed watching my pup loving the snow.

Had super fun picnics at the lake with my other sister. 

And finally we rang in the new year with The Black Keys.

So thank you 2010 for some amazing memories


  1. loved these photos! yay for another year over and another one just beginning. Hope twenty eleven is everything you could hope for beauty. xx

  2. I love thre fruit shoot idea! So freakin cute.



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