Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finding Out

One night I had a random tickling to take a test. We were not trying at all but i was a few weeks late and decided I should give it a go. I had taken many tests before so I assumed it would be routine. I was home by myself and when I actually saw the pink and blue lines I didn't really know how to react at first. I didn't really believe it and as time passed all I kept doing was catching myself smiling and thinking wow, this could be real.  

The only reason we were waiting was for more financial stability, but as everyone will tell you "there will never be a good time to start a family so just go for it." And I truly believe that God will provide. I found myself getting more and more excited as the night went on and I couldn't wait to tell my husband. He has wanted a baby since the day we got married!

Part of me wishes we could have found out together but like I said, I didnt think it would be positive. When he finally got home I couldn't help my smile. And at first I didn't know how to tell him. I kind of studdered for a few minutes and finally just showed him the test. And if I remember correctly this is how it went.

Me: Babe, umm, soooo, uhhh, here.....

B: what? are you kidding me? don't joke with me. 
Me: what? im not joking
B: If your joking with me im going to be really upset. Are you serious?
Me: yep im serious
B: omg

And then came the tears. I love to see my husband that happy. That was one of those awesomely beautiful moments you wished you had on camera. 

Then we decided to go to target and clear the shelves of their pregnancy tests "just to be sure"

8 tests later, and one dr. visit and we were rollin!

We could no be happier. It's a feeling I never knew existed and Im so happy I get to share this with my best friend.


  1. Hooray and congrats! While early pregnancy can kind of stink, it's also such a fun time! So happy for you!

  2. Thanks carrie! Im actually already 17 weeks, i've been out of the blog world for a while! oops! But yep I went through that wonderful nausea period. Good luck with everything to you im sure your getting close!!! So happy for you!


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