Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carbondale trip.....

Last weekend the Hubbs and I took a little road trip to see my best friend!! 
She recently moved down to Carbondale (5 hours away!) to get her masters
I was so excited to see her and her bf, it had been about 2 whole months since our last coffee date!

We went to this adorable breakfast nook.

Every table and chair was different. They were all old kitchen tables or old restaurant tables!
How awesome is that? The walls were filled with art......paintings, photographs etc. 

I was in love....
And to top it off, all of the coffee mugs were miscellaneous as well!!! 
My husband got a mug from Colorado. (too perfect, as that is his dream)

Alyssa's bf is in school for Forestry so he gave us a little nature walk tour.
How crazy is that tree! Although I can't remember the name. I should have taken notes.....

This one is called Sassafras......We had too much fun with these. When you crumble the leaves, they smell like mangoes! yum

How crazy and beautiful are all these little things that God created!

Carbondale is filled with wine trails..... Lots of them
We stopped at one of the wineries/vinyard.... I had never been before

and oh Lord was it beautiful!
Tons of people sitting outside in the sun or under these big beautiful blue and white umbrellas enjoying company and some wine. 

We had so much fun on our little trip. I can't wait to go back. 

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

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