Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and zombie husbands!!

I love this pic of us because of it old fashioned horror movie feel :)

Just thought I would share some previous Halloween costumes!
Last year I went as a magician and my Hubbs was a zombie (like every year.. lol)

Easy costume....I had a black dress I wore to a wedding in my closet. I bought The mini top hat, gloves, and bow tie, made a wand and some magic tricks! Easy peasy and super cute :)

My husband is a miracle worker when it comes to stage make-up type stuff. So pretty much every year he does his own Zombie makeup. He is seriously amazing and does not use pre-made wounds. He creates them all himself using gelatin and some other stuff that I don't know anything about. Isn't he talented?

My little sister and her friend were Indians last year. Just a simple trip to the thrift store will do the trick
and look how cute they are!

I have a few ideas for Halloween this year but nothing too exciting, and yea im pretty last minute but Oh well! 
Im thinking Katniss Everdeen for work tomorrow and Wheres Waldo for the weekend if I can throw something together. What are you being for Hallwoeen? Any ideas I can steal?? Lol. Have a wonderful night!!!

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