Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cat in a bag....

Noodles loves bags
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Gym bags
your bag
Yesterday my husband decided to Remix part of our wedding vows.....
Is that legal? Anyway it goes like this

"To Love and to Cherish
To Tickle and Annoy
Until death do us part"
He's so darn cute

Today we are going to a new church for the first time to see if we like it :)

And Friday I am going to Door County with my family :)
Actually just my parents and sisters.
My poor hubby can't go because of fire academy and my brother is working like crazy.

I am beyond excited and can not wait to spend some good old fashion relaxing time with my fam.
My parents usually go there every year for their anniversary, and this year they rented a house and invited the kids! The Sister Bay Fall festival is what they go for every year and it is supposed to be wonderful. Crafts crafts crafts :) 

I am having a horrible time trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween. I have been looking for ideas everywhere and I can't seem to find any! Ugh. Hopefully it will come to me.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

1 comment:

  1. LOL cute!! My roommates cat love to crawl into any open bookbags lying around - I guess he wants to go to school! haha :)


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