Thursday, October 21, 2010

Door County: part 1

So I had such an awesome time with my family in Door County this past weekend. 
So relaxing, and so beautiful.
Fall was definitely in full gear over there. 
Everything was yellow, orange, red, and green. 
Leaves and water everywhere!!!!

Im going to do a few different posts on this since I took so many pictures.
Surprising ehhh??

Ill start with the old farm house we stayed in.
It was pretty awesome. Everything inside was thrifted,  or just plain old. and wonderful.

Thats the house in the corner. 
It was enormous. And like I said very old and sweet.
The man that owns the house was pretty awesome. He has a festival in the summer called "Fish Stock," since they live in Fish Creek. The barn below is actually a music venue. It has a loft inside with a projector screen and they made it into a theater. Every game day they watch the Packers Bears? Pretty awesome.

The owner has about 3 houses on his property and during the summer he rents them out to college kids. He has a game room for them with a 400 book library. He has about 4 organic gardens and he let us help ourselves :) He also has some of these running around. So cute and I didn't mind them waking me up.

There was a tree swing and a tire swing so we could let ourselves be little again.....

There were leaves everywhere.................

And we had a bonfire every. single. night.

 [and I can not even begin to describe the stars]

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  1. Thank you for the blog love!! It needed it after being neglected for so long!

    And these pictures are the epitome of a perfect fall day! Thank you for sharing! : ) The first one of the swing is breathtaking!


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