Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sesame sticks

Hey there Lovely people.....

Its kind of late but I wanted to share some of my weekend with you :)
And don't worry,
It is, as usual, Image heavy :)
Just the way I like it......

Made this little jar filled with lovelies for my momma.
All of the kids wrote little sayings in it for her....
I told her when she was stressed out at work she could pick one out and read it .
Hopefully it will make her smile.

Yesterday she called me at work in tears.
She said she was having a stressful day so she read one.
And then she read the entire jar!

I love my mom to pieces.

I also baked some heart shaped cookies
[more like cookie dough, but whatever]

And attempted to make ch. covered strawberries.
After I burnt an entire block of almond bark I finally succeeded.
I put them in a cute little tin for my mom and mom-in law :)

This is my Dad.....
I learned everything I know from him.
He is a goof, and I love him :)

These shoes cost me $6 and I love them.
Me and my mini sister....
So this little Stud right here [The hubbs]
Yea, he started a blog
How exciting!!!!

Go check him out, he has some crazy stories about his life in EMS and Fire
and even if that's not your thing, well.....
he's funny........and pretty flippin cute
[hey back off!]

Oh and before I go...............................

here is a little sneak peek 'hint' to a sweet video me and my sisters made.
We are kind of creeps, and this video will display that quite well.
I will post it this week ;)

welcomes, mrs. ghetto caruso.

Yep, for reals......

Are we still friends?

[the "chain" I am wearing is my grandmas old belt, she wore it at my age]
{my gma weights 95 lbs so I just use it to act all gangsta}

Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I love the jar what a great idea!


  2. such a cute jar. sweet post and lovely blog. :)

    nicole visiting from

  3. once again what great photos! and that JAR OMG I'm going to have to re-create and gift someone a jar what a cute and sweet gift! I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing that


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