Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I love, things I've learned.....

Last night I found my husband in the kitchen, hovered over the garbage can.
He was sucking on a handful of $6 almonds, just to get the salt and vinegar flavor
Then he simply dropped them into the trash.
He bought Two $6 cans.

Sunday the hubbs had his friends over
I made a big yummy salad with cucumbers radishes green onions and apples.
We all enjoyed the salad.
My husband ate a bowl of croĆ»ton's drowned in Italian dressing.

I learned that I can not leave my husband home alone.....
when cupcakes are present.
Before learning this.
I came home to a happy husband and told him that he looked so cute!
[well he did :)]
And he precedes to to say...
"I'm so cute, because I'm full of cupcakes."
[husband bats eyes]

When husbands calls to ask if he can spend $40 on something......
Add $10
subtract $3.50
and multiply by 2
Figure real number

I've slowly learned that ten dollars has no meaning.
When he says that this game is $30
It is really $39.99
[as long as its still in the 30's?]

Some lovins from a very Geo-Saturday ♥



  1. cute post and super cute pictures what a great couple ya'll are :D


  2. awwwwwwwwwww, you're so pretty and your life looks so sweet.

    lovely blog! thanks for sharing!


  3. Where are those pictures taken? I want to go!

  4. im new to your blog, but had to say you and husband are super cute, and i wanna go geocatching everyone seems to be saying how awesome it is.

  5. haha this is so funny.. and most of it applies to all men! :)


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