Monday, November 1, 2010

Dress up :)

Ohhhh Halloween. This year I told myself  I was going to think of a clever costume and finish it way before its due! But Im pretty sure I say that every year and it has yet to happen. I should just give up on that! Ha-ha I think most people can relate to that.
Saturday we were going to a friends Halloween party and after 4 hours of thrifting, I had 3 possible costumes lined up. Friday night my sister and I decided I would wear the French lady costume and she was going as a housewife. But every girl knows that your feelings on an outfit can change at any given moment…So after work on Saturday I went home tried on my costume again (just to be sure) and I had one of those- ugh this looks so stupid I don’t feel comfortable wearing this why did I think it looked ok last night and oh goodness my butt looks huge in this - moments. Ha-ha
So I called my sister and we decided on wearing similar costumes and I though, How cute! Thankfully I wore a house wife costume for our Mock Thanksgiving party we had last year. I already had the dress, shoes, and martini glass. I just needed an extra set of pearls an apron and some red lipstick.
So 3 hours before the party im sewing up a storm, trying to make 2 aprons without a pattern. I’ve never made an apron before but it looked fairly simple. We ended up finishing on time and I think they turned out wonderful! They definitely completed our outfits.
We ended up having too much fun at the party and I loved it because all of my siblings were there.

And here is my lovely husband. He was a victim of the zombie apocalypse. 
He does all his own makeup and as his wife its a little embarrassing because I wouldn't even know where to start with that. He spent 4 hours on these, he built and painted each one. He's so talented.

Haha - my sisters and Mike

Sister brother and his gf Rachael

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