Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guess whats cookin?


(This photo was from our "Mock Thanksgiving" we had last year. I made aprons that said Real Housewives of Cook county. But that's another story in and of itself. I thought the picture fit well with the post)

Or I have been cooking. I guess thats more appropriate.
I come from a father who is a master in the kitchen.
 “Lenny Flay” anyone??
My sisters and brother can all cook up a mean meal and they know all of those tedious rules that come along with cooking.
(put oil in my noodle water?)
I guess I was too busy learning dribbling techniques to make time for the kitchen.
And look where that got me. I don’t even own a basketball hoop now, but I have an intimidating kitchen.

For many years I would sit alone in the corner and cry over my culinary skills.

Then one day, I got excited at the pretty pictures in my magazines and decided to make a recipe book. And now I can’t stop! I love it!!!!
Im always looking for new veggie meals (and some not so veggie for the hubbs)
And I actually love to cook now.
Its so satisfying once your finished and I can’t get enough of it.
I still have a lot to learn and there will still be many more phone calls to my dad, but I think im getting the hang of it. Im even picking up on some of those dumb cooking secrets like how to press the flat of the knife on a clove of garlic to peel off the skin.

So I’m hoping to have some fun recipes for you guys on here. And I hope you’ll share some with me as well!

Tonight my husband is working an overnight L
So im working on my quilt J
I just spent $12 on tons of vintage fabric at the thrift store and I can’t wait.
We got a queen bed last night from my parents to go in our guest room so Im making a little lovely quilt for it.

Hope you all have a wonderful night!!! 

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  1. Yay I'm glad you're getting into cooking! I love browsing through cookbooks and cooking magazines for recipes to put in my recipe binder...it's like Pokemon card collecting for grown ups.

    I'm a loser.

    And I call my dad ALL the time for kitchen help. It's our way of bonding :)


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