Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Update :)

I can't even tell you how much my little pup loves the snow. He was begging to get outside this morning. (Im assuming he knew it was snowing) But I made him wait until I got my cameras ready and went out with him. 
He went absolutely nuts and was basically swimming through the snow. He would dive down and pop up a few feet away with a face full of snow.

He's a little monster. 

My poor hubby got held over at work this morning by about four hours. They had 40 people call off! I don't blame them, Im guessing they were not able to get their cars out! I called my hubbs when I realized that when he got home there would be no where for him to park. The driveway was up to my waist in snow and i could attempt to shovel but I would have given up after ten minutes for sure. he-he. The streets were not plowed but he parked there anyway and went at it for about an hour after he got home. 
(here he is wearing his fire boots :) such a cutie

Can you believe I got a snow day today? My company would have been the last place on earth I would have though to close for an entire day! Im not complaining though. It got all kinds of nasty here last night. Apparently Lake Shore Drive was at a standstill for 15 hours last night! All those poor people just wanting to get home.

I packed myself  a bag with clothes and books just in case the power went out. And this morning was crazy because no one comes out of their house during the winter near my house for some reason. Except everyone and their neighbor (literally) was out shoveling away!

Oh! and can you believe we had thundersnow last night!? I didn't even know there was such a thing until I thought it was april and we were in the middle of a lightening/thunderstorm, except that it was February and it was a blizzard at the same time. crazy

sadly, facebook kept me entertained most of the night. I thought a few of these status updates were pretty funny so I thought I would post them. (Ill keep them nameless but they are not mine)

-The police scanner on my husband's phone just said that someone got car-jacked with a shovel. It's getting crazy outside!

-Just saw three people skiing down Michigan Avenue as fire trucks went by one way & a snowmobile went by the other way... I'm enjoying Snowmagedon 2011!

-for the first time in my life the weatherman wasnt lying. theres a shitton of snow outside

-Comcast is tv or internet. Thank god for good ol radio and cell phones w/ internet

-Aliens are coming

-Just had a bout of thundersnow, if you have anything less than a 1/2 ton pick-up or SUV, you WILL get stuck, PLEASE STAY INSIDE!!! I just spent 2 hours driving in this stuff pulling people out.

-Who else sees lightning?....

-Chicago just took "windy city" to a WHOLE new level.

Haha, thanks to them for keeping me entertained all night. Ok I've been on a photo craze today, off to shoot some more pretties. Have an awesome day!!!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! so much snow!!
    i'm jealous! i haven't had a snow day with THAT much snow since i was little! so fun!
    those facebook updates are too funny!


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