Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have decided.....

That no matter the circumstances, I would never be able to sit at home without a job/kids. I had two days off last week and although I could have gotten a lot done, I was actin all sorts of lazy. I don't know what it was . I guess being at home you have the choice to stay in your pj's and leave your hair on top your head all day. And so its all downhill from there. Because thats exactly what I did. I laid around all day, read, watched tv, and took creepy and unnecessary pictures with this poor little snowman that I half-heartedly brought into this world. And then I ruined his life because I was so bored and lazy I thought it would be funny to watch him melt. Im a terrible person.

A few Things...........

-Yesterday I went to the eye I am addicted to eye drops.
- I really really really want this ring
-I can't wait for Valentines Day ♥♥♥♥
-Sunday Thrift date in the city with my mom and sisters ♥

Hope you all had a warmer day than I did. I think it was -14 or so over here.

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