Friday, February 11, 2011

The Question.

So you wake up in the morning. Stomach is tight and settled from that eight hours of snooze you just gave him. and he is hungry. You drag yourself out of bed. trip over the dog. and head straight for the grape-nuts and shredded wheat. Oh that looks good. I actually think its the reason I got out of bed. You then contemplate adding a dash of agave nectar because you woke up with a morning sweet tooth and just don't give a damn today. Spoon is ready. open the refrigerator and reach for the almond milk only to realize that it is gone. g.o.n.e. your morning is ruined.

On the way home from work today I thought only of the big beautiful salad resting in its bowl, waiting for me. After a long ride home I stumbled inside, set down all my bags, kissed my hubbs, and headed for my salad. I scooped a big pile into a bowl. cut up a pretty green avocado. admired it's beauty and headed for the croutons. I saw the bag lying face down on the third shelf and I immediately got that feeling. The empty milk carton feeling. I knew something was not right. I thought about taking them to work with me this morning in fear of this nightmare. I hesitated to touch the bag. And then I did. g.o.n.e. my night was ruined.

What is cereal without milk/ What is salad without croutons?
That is the question.

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