Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheap and Thrifty

I like to call myself the cheapest person ever. Mostly when it comes to clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. I pretty much refuse to buy anything full price. I go to target about 5 times a week just to scan the clearance racks in hopes of finding something amazing.

I usually start to realize that Im crazy when I follow an item from birth (full price) to it's end times (75% off)
For example, I see a beautiful cardigan. My heart starts to pound, I check the price, and say my goodbye. When I notice the item not on the main floor, I scan the clearance racks for it and follow it from 30% -50% and I usually won't buy it until it hits the 75% rack unless i know it won't be there much longer or there is only one of my size left. It pretty much has to be under $10. oh dear i sound like a freak. Same goes for purses at target. Shoes don't usually work to my advantage there but occasionally I will find something. I do this at other stores as well but I only really keep tabs on the clothes at target because they are everywhere!

And then comes the thrift stores. I try to go each friday I get paid to see if I can get lucky and find some pretty pieces. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't.

I never do outfit post's but I thought I would throw one together today so you can see how to dress like a cheap ass such as myself! Hey, im on a budget people. :)


Jacket: thrifted $8
Scarf: thrifted $1.50
Hat: Walmart $3
Boots: F21 $7
Jeggings: F21 $12


Shirt: JCPenny $2
Sweater: Target $7
Necklace: Handmade
Jeggings: F21 $12


Ruffled Shirt: Target $3
Cardigan: Stole from sister Free!
Necklace: gifted
Jeggings: F21 $12

So thats about it. See you can make a cute outfit whilst being a cheap ass!
Mission accomplished!


  1. GIRL. I TOTALLY feel you on this!! Like seriously... everyone in my life (expect my fellow poor friends) think I'm a bit of a loon. But I honestly cannot bring myself to spend more than ten dollars on anything really.

    You look adorable!! This is further proof you don't have to spend lots of pennies to look lovely. : )

  2. Ahh to be cheap and thrifty....I think its a talent. hahaha Thanks Amy :)


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