Sunday, February 20, 2011

nail business....

I kind of have an obsession with painting my nails. 
I usually change them every other night. And when I have time I like to have a little fun with them.
And Im sure I look like a 12 yr old at work, but oh wells!

These are my favorite "bunco nails" Anyone ever play? Its pretty amazing. I'm bringing it down to the 20 somethings level very soon. It's usually played by older ladies. My mom and her friends played once a month when I was growing up. They got all sorts of crazy. My dad usually went for a late night driving range session after the second cow bell. When I got a little older I was allowed to sub and I have loved it ever since! Once I get my house in order its on..... 

I used Essie: Blanc for the white. 
I usually buy cheap polish because I am just that, cheap, but my sister gets a stylist discount so she can get them half off. I was pretty excited about gettin all fancy and what not, but it turns out that polish kinda sucks. It took 3 coats and each one took forever to dry, and even with a top coat it started chipping in two days. Although I think it was just that specific color. I've heard good things about the rest.

For the dice I poured some black polish on a plate. I used the end of a paintbrush, dipped and dotted. Simple :)

My new favorite thing is the nail art pen. I will only buy white because they are too expensive but if I could have them in every color I would. 
Milani (Neon): Fresh Teal
The Fresh Teal is probably my favorite color. And the polish is awesome!

My Valentine Nails.
I used nail glue and little rhinestones from the craft store for some bling. 
And I used the nail art pen again for the stripes.

Sally Hansen: Shrimply Devine
Not a huge fan of this color but I also don't wear pink often. It takes a few coats but all in all its not too bad.

Have any fun nail Ideas? Im going to try painting on a gingham pattern soon.


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