Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bathroom remodel?

This weekend I am going to make sure I get all of my projects done that I have been trying to complete for weeks! I feel like such a slacker, but It's so on.

Yesterday a pipe busted in our bathroom :( We haven't updated it since we bought the house last May so my husband figured why not just re-do it this weekend since he has to tear our the vanity anyway! [Girls: It is always a plus to have a handy-man around] I give him so much credit and I'm so grateful for him. Not only does he work on the ambulance full time, but he has been in construction for the past 7 years. So when we do work to the house all we need to pay for are supplies! (I always knew I would marry someone like my dad.)

Anyway, I need some ideas! I have a basic idea of the direction I want to go, but it is a small bathroom so I have to be careful with the color choices.

How amazing is this bathroom? I love the color!
And this is just amazing! [source]

I've got a lot of planning and thinking to do! We have to finish it this week as well. We are having a party next saturday and I don't want a half finished bathroom!

Here is our guest bedroom that I was working on....not finished yet but its getting there.
My parents old dresser that I restored!

Thats all for now....i am off to craft craft craft!!!

Have a wonderful day, as for any Chicagoans.....its actually a tolerable temperature today :)


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