Thursday, February 4, 2010

early bird?

Do you ever have so many thoughts and ideas running through your head that you just can't sleep? It's 3:30 am. My husband just left for work and I am wide awake! and very excited about it. Im sure I will regret missing the sleep later, but I will jump at the chance to get into some of my projects before work :)

I am currently building a new table for my craft room. and I am so excited about it! I painted it purple....I am a sucker for purple, always have been.

I can't believe January is over...geezz time flies!
I want to start doing a re-cap of each month using photos. So here it goes.

My Hubby turned 27!

2 by you.
I made him this yummy cake.......he loves marshmallows

3 by you.

r7 by you.
Had a little Birthday for my dad! Mom was out of town so it was just us! [minus my brother]

name2 by you.
I did a mini photo shoot for a band :)
Here are some pics.........

8 by you.

32 by you.

5 by you.

Had a fun Girls night out in DT Naperville

r2 by you.

And some fun times with my hubby!

r6 by you.

A few things that Im loving at the moment before I go............................

This is a pattern from simplicity and I can not wait to tackle it! I keep putting it off in hopes of finding the perfect fabric. Any ideas? I can't wait!

I need to have this phone....

mustard yellow rotary phone by you.

My boss at work has a black one at home that she doesn't want! So I will see what I can do as far as painting it goes!

2010-01-31-rainbow by you.

Oh dear lord! Rainbow pancakes..............................they look amazing. almost too amazing to eat. :)

Time to get ready for work... Have a wonderful Day!


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