Friday, April 9, 2010

the cure for Laziness!

I don't have one, I though maybe someone out there in Blog world would.....
please ?

I have been meaning to clean my craft room this entire month
[and maybe last month too]
But I just cant get motivated!!!

But during one of my attempts, I came across and old tin full of memories
and it made me so happy :)

Then I saw Chelsea's posts about memories!!! and how they make us so happy! So I though I would share one as well. And just doing so makes me even happier!!
Thanks Chelsea!!

So this little box I have was from when my husband and I first started dating....
Oh the wonders of first loves.....yes he was my first real Love...he-he
This particular box holds memories from when we were in church camp. By the time we started dating we were no longer campers so we were not allowed to let the little campers know we were dating.

This was really hard at first because I could not hold his hand or kiss him goodnight. :(
So we got all creative and found ways around it!
Each day we would write letters to each other.
we were smart and even had code names!
Ha-ha He wrote to Cinderella and I wrote to Prince Charming..
which is kind of perfect for him.
[ok I guess we could have gotten a bit more creative on the names]
Every night we would leave letters to each others on his bass amp in the chapel.
He was on the worship team so he would get the letters in the morning or after his campers went to sleep.

We had another 'couple' friends that were in the same situation as us. So at night we would all meet at the pavilion after everyone was asleep, just to chat and spend time together.
(That couple is happily married now as well :)

These letters mean so much to me, I keep them in my little box and will keep them there forever.
Signed: my prince charming :)

These are the necklaces we made that year and I still keep them in my little box.
They are made from pieces of rolled bandannas
and they have a nut hanging from them as the charm.
Can you guess it's meaning?
"Nuts for Jesus"
We wore these out until they could barely be worn anymore. I love my necklace.
Mine is red and B's is green.
I love the little things like these that bring back such happiness, almost
the same amount of happiness you felt
when you were there.
At the end of camp that year we had our usual dance. Throughout camp
everyone learned to swing dance
[if you ever see us at a wedding, my hubs and I will be swing dancing. it is our all time fav. And I always get a laugh when people ask where we learned: church camp!]

My husband is a medic so he was always helping in the nurses station at camp and the night of the dance he had to take a camper to the hospital.
Thankfully it was noting serious, but I was really bummed.

I watched the door all night hoping he would make it back in time for one dance.
He finally made it home at 11:30 after the dance was over.
But I was just happy to see him.

We headed back to our cabins and he stopped me, he told me to meet him by the flag pole at midnight.

My girlfriend and I were all giddy, and I didn't know what he was doing.
So at midnight i walked out to the flagpole and saw him standing there.
He took my hand and walked me into the Rec hall.
The lights were all dimmed and our friend Bob was standing behind a table.
Then the music came on, he took my hand and we danced.
He told me the sweetest things you could imagine and
I saw tears in his eyes.
[for shizzle]

After that, he pulled a picnic table onto the baseball field, and we watched the stars all night

Ohhhhhh memories................

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  1. AW YAY!
    this warms my heart!
    memories are the greatest!
    how cute is that box of memories!
    you guys are adorable!


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