Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend Lovelies....

I had a loooonngg weekend. Consisting of painting and painting. So when Sunday came I wanted to anything but painting. I got to sleep in until 10:00 am!!!!

That never happens. So I was very well rested.

I promised Lieutenant Whitey that I would take him to the lake last week and I bailed on him,
[what a bad mother she is]
I know, but don't worry I made it up to him :)
We went and brought Brandon lunch at work and then headed to the lake.

We brought a blanket, laid by the lake and read a good book.
[Lt. Whitey chased birds]
He is just so adorable :)

Later that day my mini sister came over with her friend Kyle.
we made fruit salad and baked cookies!!
Then we went on a little adventure to the quarry.
In my subdivision is one of the biggest "holes in the ground" in the world!!
Its actually quite beautiful, and there is a pretty blue green body of water in it as well.
The lookout was locked but it was still beautiful.

This is the baseball field right next to the quarry.
So pretty

Then we walked over the the I-80 overpass. I don't know if you find this strange or not, but we like to come here and freak ourselves out!!! We are on top of the bridge so we are clearly not going to get hurt, but we run to stand in front of the lane when the semi trucks pass and it feels like they are going to hit you. It is such a rush and we love it!!!

Yesterday I played hookie from work.
The hubbs and I went for a little trip to the city.
We hit up the museum and then went for some treats!

Mmmmm so delish.... Lemon and raspberry
Brandon tried the orange.....i think he liked it.

Then we ventured over to Ginos East for some good old Chicago style Deep Dish.
If you have never had Ginos East, please do...

After that we made our way over to Mollys Cupcakes.
Oh dear goodness..... they were beautiful

-Red Velvet
-Ch. Chip Cookie
-Cookies and Creme
-Peanut butter Nutella

How could one person love cupcakes so much?

I thrifted these cuties the other day. They were plain white and I gave em some pretty color so they can be of use as bathroom decor once we paint it. :) I love them!

Have a good night everyone!!!



  1. Wow those owls look great. Lovely colors. They look like they are made out of moon sand.

  2. i love everything about this post!
    the pictures are so great, especially the ones with your dog and owls :)

  3. those owls look so good! I love all the pictures!


    what a fantastically wonderful WEEKEND!

    and that CUPCAKE! it looks so ridiculously delicious.

    its the best! haha!

  5. aw, sounds wonderful!
    and those owls, ah ♥

  6. hello!!! i just found your blog and think it is just soo cute!! i totally should be painting my basement right now but i am procrastinating by looking at pretty blogs like yours, haha! =P those cupcakes and macarons look delish, those are like hands down my favorite desserts, seriously!! love the pictures you take too!

  7. omg!
    i dont know which one i love more,
    the cupcake, or the bright crazy owls!
    both are divine! love it! x

  8. oh and i totally forgot to tell you,
    your blog is simply wonderful x


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