Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sisters in the hood......

Not really, but my town is pretty gangster.
My sisters and I have decided to make a movie.
Nothing in particular
Just a random, goofy movie. You can't imagine how fun it is.
I have edited about half of it, and I was literally lol-ing [<-I just said that]
We are going to shoot some more clips for it next weekend.
When it is done, I will post :)

We started the day out by Thrifting up the wonderful south side.
I picked out a floral-skorts-one piece? something like that
My mini sister looked like a follower of moses in chuck taylors
and my little sister was half cowgirl.

Needless to say we looked like a bunch of creeps, and it was sweet.
While we were out filming our 'movie' we took some cute shots.

We had a blast. My sister are two of the most amazing people I have ever known. The great thing is is that we are all so different. But we get along like we are the same people.

After our little shoot we went home to throw together some food.
We threw together my fav. little dish. So simple, so amazing
Raw broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers.
1 can black beans
crumbled feta
olive oil
red wine vinegar
salt and peppa

Then we attempted to make Dad's salsa. We didn't do half bad.
So that night my Husband had to sleep at the firehouse so all of us girls cuddled up in our bed! It was so much fun because I don't remember the last time we all shared a bed. We have shared a little tiny room our entire lives and I am so thankful for that. I know that is what helped us become so close!
Tonight I baked a few cuppy-cakes. My sister had to make some for her friends birthday, so I baked these minis with the left over batter. I love them! But they are going to work with me tomorrow so I don't eat them all :)
My sister made Pokemon cupcakes for her friend. And he will be 22 not 12. I guess there is no age limit there. They turned out super cute. She also made a few cuties for her bf.
I had to leave some for my hubbs. He went to bed early all sad because we asked him to take the batch of cupcakes out for us and he fell asleep. They were black when we got home. He felt bad but I had to make it up to him. Turns out the timer doesn't work! Not your fault honey :)
Lastly, it was Beautiful outside the other night so B and I had a roof date. We sat on top the house, watched the stars, and had a lil chit-chat. It was perfect. So perfect that i almost slept up there. But thats because I couldn't get down. I was too afraid to put both my feet off onto the ladder! Ten minutes later I finally reached ground. It gave B quite a laugh since he is a roofer part time.!
Have a wonderful night Lovelies!!!



  1. Adorable blog, nominated you for Beautiful Blogger... check out my blog for details!

  2. Oh cute post! I love the recipe you had me at feta my favorite!

    Cupcakes too great post!



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