Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How wonderful!

I'm so excited to have been given a beautiful Blogger award from the adorable Cordelia from Being A Lady! Thank you Cordelia!
Go check out her blog it is so cute and Fun!!

As part of the award I must share seven facts about me.

1. My freshman year in high school my friends and I joined the Badminton team as a joke. It ended up loving it. I was on varsity all four years and my senior year at state I took 6th place. You never know until you try!

2. When I was 12 I dislocated my pinky finger playing football. I went to catch the ball and it went through my fingers. My pinky stuck out at a 90 degree angle. The Dr. put it back in place using a Chinese handcuff and a pencil eraser.

3. My husband was my youth pastor. He-he, I still think this is funny. :)

4. I want to road trip around the entire US. I am currently working on it ;)

5. My natural hair is curlier than any curly hair you have ever seen. When I was young it was bleach blonde ringlets that formed an afro. I hated it. My biggest regret in life: I got it chemically straightened in high school. and its never been the same. :(

6. My childhood dream was to be in the WNBA. But after high school I was so tired of it. Coaches screaming in your face and the pressure to be perfect was stressful. Looking back now, I can't believe how serious I took it. But basketball will always be my love.

7. I think I am addicted to buying things online. Sometimes I just browse the internet and to see if I can find something to buy and then make up an excuse as to why I would need such a thing. [shh..don't tell my husband] :)

Now to pass the Beautiful Blogger award on to 10 wonderful bloggers. Will you accept?

rebecca anne from Consider My Dear...
Renea Hanna from Penny Threads
Jane from Does Notes
Suzy from Suzyville
Kristi from Visible Voice
Marta from Marta Writes

If you choose to accept the award you must:

- Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
- Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
- Tell us seven interesting facts about yourself.
- Pass this award on to 10 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
- Contact your nominations and let them know they’ve won.

Have a wonderful day Loves!!!


  1. Thanks Stephanie!
    You rock my Illinois sister!
    Or like 20 minutes away sister :)

  2. thank you, thank you. you make me blush. so happy to find you. am off to browse your pretty space.

    thank you so much!!
    you are so sweet!

  4. wow!! Thanks so much for nominating me!! :o)

  5. Aww thanks so much!! I can't wait to put this on my blog :)

  6. thank you so much! I am having a problem getting notified when I get comments so i just found out today!


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