Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paint Paint Paint!

My mom and I started painting my living room Friday night at 8pm and ended with the coat of primer at 5am.
The people that owned this house before me were crazy!! and I am sure they got a laugh after we signed for the house thinking, 'they are going to have a hell of a time trying to fix anything in that house!'
When we bought the house my living room (brace yourselves) had BLUE wood paneling on three walls. the last wall was fake rock panels. The carpet is BLUE. You cant even imagine.
Well, I guess you can, here is a picture.
It is so dark and depressing in there. And the room has a crazy boxed in feel. So my mom and I decided to go at it.
We tore down the rock wall.
The rock wall was nailed and glued to the WALLPAPER behind it.
I dont even want to talk about this wall because I hate it so much. he-he

Instead of re-drywalling the whole room we decided that painting the paneling would give it a beautiful 'thrifty chic' look. We primed and added 2 coats.
Had to go through each divot in the paneling.
I never thought it would be that much work.
Oh boy, we were hurting.

We finally went to bed at 5am/ woke up at 9am and started again. We wanted to finish before my husband got home from work but we ended up working until 10:30 last night.
My mom is just amazing. She gave up her whole weekend to help me. And she is the only reason we finished. We did not stop at all aside from eating and a trip to Menards.

But we did decide to trade in our lunch break for a little treat!
We found this adorable little shop up the road and I am in love.

Cunis Candies-

You sit in the beautiful red booths next to the black and white checkered floors and they wait on you for your ice cream order!

Ah I love it!!!!

They most Amazing turtle sundae We have ever had! hands-down. My mom and I could not stop talking about it. i think this will become a regular place ;)

I will post pictures after I get the living room back in order. I woke up this morning and there was so much sun shinning into that room and it was so bright, I still have a huge smile on my face!

I've got so much to do today and I promised Lieutenant Whitey I would take him to the lake. So im off. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!



  1. oh painting paneling is a pain but I bet it looks so good I can't wait to see

  2. Blue paneled walls! Never seen that before! ;)
    Thank you sooo much for your sweet blog comment on my MS post! I appreciate it sooo much!!

    P.S. Love your etsy goodies!!!


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