Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day ♥

My father is simply amazing
He is one of the smartest people I know
Seriously, ask him a question and he will know the answer

He can build pretty much anything from scratch.
He doesn't hire people to do things. He does them himself
and if he doesn't know how, he will teach himself.

He was really into woodworking
and he and my mom did craft shows all the time.
which is pretty sweet
I'm hoping to get motivated enough someday and 
do the same

He gave me my love for photography
The first slr I used was his old film cannon rebel
And I fell in love.

Because of him I have a pretty mean golf swing....
I may not be able get the ball in the hole,
but hey Ive got great form.

His love for my mother, its extraordinary.....
and its inspiring....
When he says " your mother is so beautiful," when shes across the room,
my heart sinks.
He loves her more than anything after 30 years.
He has given us such a perfect example 
of what Love is.

He is also one of the biggest goof-balls I know.
It's not rare to see him prancing around the house wearing one of 
my sisters hats, while singing and dancing
He can always make us laugh :)

[This is one of my favorite pictures of him creeping behind the tree. haha!]

I love that he has recorded just about everything since all of us kids were born
We have so may memories too look back on
Makes me soo happy :)

My father works harder than anyone I know
He goes from sun up to sun down
and never complains
He is truly amazing
And I feel so blessed to call him my Father

I love you Dad,
Thank you for everything


1 comment:

  1. i LOVE that picture of him and your mom in b&w. its beautiful! and that picture of him creeping around the tree is hilarious!!!!


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