Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so I ventured out to the theater around 7 today for the midnight showing of eclipse. thinking there would be a huge line because it was sold out and we ended up being the 5th people in line. and to top that, they let us into the theater at 9! so that is pretty sweet. also, every time my sister turns to talk to her friend I steal some of her pretty blue slurpee. I'm smuggled in some cheesy goldfish. so all is good. what's even better is that Mr. Caruso accompanied me too. :) but now we are surounded by loud high school kids so lord please help me. however, as lame as it sounds I'm super excited to see my Edward. haha. don't judge me. ;) alrighty, back to waiting. work should be fun tomorrow running on a few hours of sleep. I'm still editing the pics from my magical hiking trip. hopefully they will be up tomorrow!. p.s sorry if this post looks funny, this is my first time blogging from my phone. Steph <3

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  1. hehehhehe im going to the midnight screening of it here in New Zealand tonight, I have yet to admit it to anyone but the 3 girls I am going with... best part, is that the cinema is doing a triple feature. So we get to see Twilight and New Moon first. Woohoo. hahaha oh im worried about the high school teens though! Eeeek. xx

  2. Oh england is stupid and makes us wait until next friday to see it!
    A whole week till I see my edward!

  3. Tillie- Thats awesome! I don't know if they did that at my theater but I would have totally done it if they did! Did you love it??

    Emma- I can't believe that!!! I would go crazy, but friday will be here soon enough! Let me know what you think. I loved it!!!!

  4. Eclipse was A-mazing. best one yet!


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