Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I unload my phone on here?

I'm not a huge fan of phone cameras
However, they do come in handy at times
But then I always forget about them :(
So I figured I'd put them to good use in this post?

My lil Coffee cozies

Attemped the cheetah nail....ehh

The first time I tried sushi......I got yelled at for cutting them up and eating them with a fork.
I don't like sushi 

Tried some flowers.

Most amazing 'pizza' ever! If you have a Nancy's pizza by you try the garbage salad with feta. ohhh lord, amazing.

B's frozen yogurt, I mean bowl of candy with a sprinkle of fro-yo. He got really excited about all his options that he just decided on everything.

The Flying Cupcake shop :)

"Red Velvet Elvis" 

And a miniature Lt. Whitey at the vet....

Thats about all. 

Im trying to get to bed soon
 I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow for 
a Cubs game. 
I need to be in Carol Stream by 8 am...
Holy boy!
Now, Im pro Sox
but the games are fun with friends.

Husband is out storm chasing...
I think he went all the way out to Iowa and he should be following
the storm back to Chicago in the next hour or so.
but if my power goes out while Im home alone
we are going to have some problems
I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dark.
[oh my goodness, im getting all creeped out already]

Well then, 
goodnight friends
Have a wonderus weekend :)

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