Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strike me Fancy Tuesday

It's my new thing?
(........I think Ill go with it.......)

7 things that Strike my Fancy

1. Today I spent $80 on Eclipse tickets
Don't judge me
[i ♥ Edward]

2. I want to make these again......they make me smile

and these...mmmm s'more cupcakes :)

3. This book, I loved it. I'm not even kidding, my heart was racing I was so into the book. 

4. The fact that my craft supplies can be used for more important things
like measuring biceps and things of that nature, thats pretty sweet right?

5. Trueblood starts in 5 days!!!
My husband is in the other room saying "sookie" over and over.
If you are a fan you know what I mean
And if your not, you should give it a try

6. I have dreams about you
Rockin' Robin Dress

7. This cute little print, adorable
SALE 11x14 Housetop View Recycled Paper Collage Print

Thats all for tonight. Time to run and then straight to bed!




  1. I love True Blood I finally got the first book today! I love those cupcakes!


  2. Oh I love this post!
    Eclipse, True blood! Cannot wait for my vampire fix!
    haha the bicep measuring! brilliant!


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