Friday, June 25, 2010

When I grew up, we only had dogs. 
Every time I saw a cat at someones house it either ignored me or hissed at me
So I hated cats

When I started dating my husband he was living with his grandparents
who are what you would call 'cat people'
And once I saw all the little kittens the mother had just delivered
I fell in love

One day while the Hubbs was roofing a house
He came across a litter of kittens in the soffet (<--how the heck do you spell that?)
And so he rescued and brought home four little kittens!
We nursed each and every one of them.
And we decided to keep this special one that he named "Shingles"
We gave the rest of the kittens to loving families :)

Then came "Noodles"
We rescued her from a friends farm
There was a littler of kittens living inside the farm equipment and tractors
and it wasn't safe for them

I found all these pictures on an old memory card and thought I would share :)

How cute is she???
But now she is big and fat
I wish they would stay that size forever!!!

This is how the introduction of Reese's and Noodles went......
they still hate each other

I am off to Starved Rock tonight with my sisters and hubby
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
I will be hiking and taking wayyyy too many pictures!


  1. those kittens are so precious. and yes, they get big way too fast. hope you had fun hiking girl!

  2. Aw thank You!! I had a blast :)

  3. i agree i wish they could stay kitten sized forever too

  4. i loveeee cats way too much, no we have 3, and we in limbo of where to live so it makes it more difficult! =/
    cant wait to see your hiking pictures!


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