Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Internet fail


It's kind of funny/sad when you realize how much you
can get done without the internet and its constant temptation to hold you down for hours at a time.
(who does that? :)
We haven't had internet all week and this is my story......

Somehow the sink has remained dish free :)
The pile of laundry sitting on the couch has thus disappeared
I've been running every night
I have started, if not completed, a few projects that I have been meaning to
start for a while now.
We have cooked a good healthy dinner every night
And the hubbs and I have spent a few nights together watching movies

Hmmmmmmm. I think I need to  prioritize myself better and make sure I can keep up with these things.

But Any way, I know everyone is talking about Elsies 4 Simple goals Challenge and Im about to as well because I love a challenge and I think its the best way to get things done. Plus you get to reward yourself at the end!

My 4 Simple Goals

1) Get on a morning running schedule.
I have realized over the years that I am so inconsistant with running/working out when I try to squeeze it in after work. Im home and 5:30 and then have about 4 hours to complete everything I need to do that day. If that includes shopping cleaning dinner projects etc. I feel like there isn't enough time. Then I find myself running at night when it is dark and thats not the safest thing to do. I feel so good all day when I get a workout in the morning so that is one thing I am going to really try for. ;)

2) Explore Cooking More.....
Lately I have been trying new recipes and I can totally understand how people fall in love with cooking. I want to try new things and find a way to cater to my husband and I at the same time. This has been a challenge so far as I do not eat meat and my husband does so you can see the obstacle there. So far we have been ok but I would like to learn more for my husbands benefit so he isn't living on spinach and chickpeas. ;)

3) Weekly Date Nights
With busy schedules, home repairs, house cleaning, the time we have together is usually spent running around doing work. I want to make it a point to go on a little date once a week. We both love to read so a coffe/reading date would be wonderful. Time to catch up and relax with each other. ♥

4) Create More....
Lately I have been so busy on weekends and haven't had time to just sit down and do what I love most. Create ♥ I want to sew more, paint more, and just be creative!

I'll be back soon. Have a wonderful Day!!


  1. What great goals! The internet is definitely a huge distraction, especially when I take "five minute breaks" while I'm trying to read/take notes for class. Ugh.

    I'm especially excited to see you work on your second goal :D

  2. so we are running when? ;)

    oh and if you need recipes for vegetarian stuff, I have a few great ones!

    stuff peppers with black beans and rice - mexican style!

    black bean burgers or yum too!

    eggplant and adzuki casserole or soup which ever you prefer.


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