Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Veggie Fest

Pretty much just lots of yummy food.....
and some good old useful information
just how I like it ♥

Falafel Pita....mmmmmmm

And my husband had the veggie chicken....mmmmmmmm
Although he said it tasted nothing like chicken, he still liked it. 
That made me happy :)

I am loving how he has opened up to eating new foods these days. Up until a few months ago he was basing his likes and dislikes on his childhood appetite and didn't realize that his taste bud had changed from that long ago.And I don't blame him. Being a once picky eater myself, I hated trying new things, until one day it clicked and I love so many new vegetables and foods that I never thought I would even try. Im so proud of him for being so brave and trying pretty much anything I throw his way. And he may not completely agree with how I eat but he has been so supportive of me and for that I cannot thank him enough. I know he didn't want to be at veggie fest this weekend but he came for me and that makes me smile more than he knows. I love you honey ♥


  1. Dude, that falafel looks soooo good!!!

  2. Aw, that's so great that your husband is not only so accommodating to your healthy eating, but is also up for trying new things himself! I remember when my tastebuds just starting liking everything...it was awesome! I'm still discovering new things to enjoy!

    The veggie fest sounded fun!


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