Monday, August 23, 2010

Where do you end up.......

When you still have no internet and apparently you just can't go 2 weeks without it??

Well, drinking an unsweetened iced green tea because you aren't really thirsty but its the cheapest thing you can buy at Starbucks in order to sit there for a few hours and feed off if their internet, of course.....

oh lord im pathetic. 
Im ok with that though, I missed this little world.

Anyway, I wanted to share my little family reunion that we had last weekend. Sooo much fun!

This beautiful creek next to the pavillion came in quite handy all night. 

Mini sister beautiful as always....

cousins lounging in the creek. 

And the little munch-kins were at the fish alll day. Don't worry he put him back ;)

Adult Egg toss!!!

This game was my moms Idea of course. Pelt uncle and cousin with water balloons. Hahah!

My sister and Eric ♥

My dad after he won split the pot.... Baller ! ;)

My mom and uncle. Everytime they are together something like this happens. Previous events include whip cream and shaving cream...hahah

The girl cousins......

We had such a good time. All week I was worried about the weather because it was supposed to storm, but we left it in Gods hands and we ended up with a gorgeous day for this wonderful time with family.
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. :)

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