Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello there..

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday! I had so much fun spending lots and lots of time with family.
Christmas is always a stressful time of year and Im glad all my stress has 
settled down for now. I have today off of work so I have been cleaning my house like crazy!
Last night the hubbs and I made some awesome veggie chili, hit up borders and cleaned all night!
Today I have about 6 bags to bring the the salvation army, when i said cleaning i meant cleaning. 
Then I might head over to Joann's and see what I can't get with my gift card. ;)
Ill be back soon with pictures and what not, just enjoying my time off of work :)

Oh and look what I woke up to the other night. Ha-ha. Shes so cute.
So we don't just have beer cases laying around our house but she must have moved this into the hallway and made it into her bed. 

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