Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Post

Ohhhh boyyyy, ive got an itch for a photoshoot. 
Either that or a new video
Too bad im am so busy making christmas presents
 neglecting laundry
 and working, to find time for one.
But sometime soon.....

My sister is coming over tonight and 
we are going to attempt to make asparagus soup...mmmmmm

It is 6 degrees today in Chicago
The cold burns my skin
It almost feels like when you hold canned air upside down and spray your skin, kind of pain.
If you've never tried that its a must. just kidding, it hurts extremely bad and leaves a welt.
When I first discovered it, I went around to every person at work and asked them if they wanted to feel something pretty sweet. They all hated me after that. yea that was pretty rude.

So that was a pretty random post.
I hope you all have a beautiful day. Im about to put on my boots and
head to work. wish me luck it is freezing out there!


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