Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekend :)

My little pup is enjoying the snow more than ever this year. And he's just so darn cute. 

So, this weekend flew by so quickly!!
Friday we spent some time at the firehouse. They had a parade around town and santa rode on top of the engine, and everyone went back to the station for cookies and santa pictures! All the kids were so adorable getting their pic with santa. 
(one of the guys hung his daughters coat in his locker. Look how cute the pink furry looks in there!)

My sisters and I had a sister night. We made butternut squash soup, artichokes, and a chickpea kidney bean salad and watched some movies. So much fun as always. 

MMMmmmmm it was so amazing. My sister just made up the recipe herself. 

Wanna know something that made me super happy this weekend? I was at my parents house and my brother called me in his room. I opened the door and he was sitting at his desk drawing with a new set of pencils and all. My brother used to draw ever since I can remember. He is such an amazing artist and he was given such a  gift from God. For some reason he stopped after high school and I think it has been close to 6 years since he's drawn. Iv'e been encouraging him to start again for some time, but thats not really how it works. Since he has been out of work last week he decided to start again. Now he is like a kid in a candy store. I honestly almost cried when I saw him. That might sound weird but he was so passionate a great at it, it was a shame to see him stop. And he is all smiles about it now, I love it :)

Anyway, today I have my work Christmas party. I would rather be in my warm cozy bed. But oh well. I hope you've had an amazing weekend. 

♥ Steph

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