Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Foodie Sisters: Sweet Potato Tacos

My sister and I have been cookin up a new and fancy recipe each week for the past month or two.
So I figured its about time I start sharing the goods with all of you :)

For starters: Sweet Potato Tacos

These are probably the most amazing tacos Ive ever had. 
At first it struck me as strange, sweet potato's on a taco?
But as per usual, I was wrong. ha-ha

Super simple and easy and completely customizable.

What you need:

1-2 large sweet potato's
1/2 packet salsa seasoning
Tortilla shells
Toppings (what do you fancy?)
we used...
   -1/2 can black beans
   -1/2 can corn
   - 1 tomato or 1/2 can diced
   -2 avocado (cuz we love avocado)
   -sea salt and pepper
   -1/2 lime juice

Start by preparing your potato's. You can roast/bake/fry/microwave them. We cooked them on the stove using earth balance. This gave them a crispy outside. Add in your seasoning while the potato's are cooking. 

While they are cooking start putting your topping together. Pretty simple, cut what needs to be cut, open cans, chop cilantro, and add it all together in a bowl. Squeeze lime juice in for flavor.

Once the potato's are done cooking, set aside while you brown/heat your tortilla on your non-greased pan. This is optional, i like mine crunchy. 

Then load on the potato's and add on your topping. mmmm

Super easy and so good. :)

Happy Eats! 


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  1. This sounds great! I'm totally making these for my roommates! I love the combo of Mexican spices, sweet potatoes and black beans...but I've never though to put them into a taco!


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