Monday, December 6, 2010

My favorite Place....

This is my favorite room in my house. 
I love it in the spring time. I would sit here with a cup of tea
Open each window, and read a good book.
The room is in the front of our houses and so it catches all the sun.
I just love it so much.
Although, it is usually filled with clothes and purses all over.
But when its clean, its as lovely as can be.

Do you have a favorite spot like this? Do tell :)


  1. I like your blog, it's so unique. And your bedroom looks ever so cozy! If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the book on your bed (in the first picture)that has the bird on it?... it looks like it would me interesting.

    My favorite spot in my house is probably the same as you. My bedroom!

  2. Yazzie thanks so much. That made me smile. :) Its actually my spare bedroom for my sisters when they come over but i actually asked my husband if we could move in there! he-he.

    The book is a series called "the hunger games," by suzanne collins. The book you see is the 3rd/last in the series called mockingjay. I am in love with the series! Def. recommend them.

    Thanks for finding my blog, your writing is beautiful. Looking forward to reading more :)


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