Saturday, February 13, 2010

So In Love...................

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! The hubbs and I are going on a little date downtown. When we first started dating we would Always spontaneously jump on the train and walk around downtown taking pictures of everything. I miss those days. But now that we have full time jobs and a house it is not as easy. BUT............tomorrow we are going to do just that! We are going to browse all the amazing vintage shops on Belmont and im bringing 2 cameras! and then a lunch date, and a search for bubble tea.....Yesss! ;)

So we have only been married for about 7 months now but I am so realizing how lucky we are to have the love that we have. Upon talking to some co-workers and finding out just how blessed I truly am, I got a bit teary eyed. He is one in a million.

There he is ^ Love
We started dating in 2004 ^
He proposed to me in Colorado in the mountains, Sept. 13 2008
We were married last year July 18, 2009 ♥
I am truly blessed to have such an amazing person to share my life with. He is my best friend, and I do not know what I would do without him.
Here is the valentine I made him...
And my sweet nails...........

Happy Valentines Everyone!!!!! May it filled with true old and maybe even some new love ;)



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  1. You and your hubs are ADORABLE. And the valentine you made is wonderful!


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