Sunday, February 28, 2010

A born again juicer.....

When I was growing up my parents were big into juicing.

[not the steroid type of juicing, silly]

I remember specifically always drinking carrot juice

{not because I wanted too}

And my all time favorite, Apple and lemon juice.


Well starting today I have brought juicing back into my life for good.

And For a few good reasons.

1] The health benefits of juicing are substantial. If you would like a quick overview of some of the benefits visit this site. ;)

2] Most of it tastes amazing! The combinations are endless

3] It makes me feel great. I get a fulfilling healthy breakfast and I start my day feeling 100%. There’s no better feeling in the morning than to be happy and alert while dreading the 8 hours of work ahead of you. Kidding :)

I got this Juicer because I am one of the cheapest people you’ll ever meet.

{However} It works just as well as the expensive ones!

Today I made my all time favorite apple and Lemon juice. I sliced up about 3 granny smith apples because they were small.

[I like green apples when I add lemon]

You don’t need to skin the apple, just cut them so they will fit in the juicer.

I added a few slices of lemon.

You don’t want the lemon too over powering.

{Unless, of course, you do}

I peeled the most skin I could off the lemon, but it’s not necessary to get it all. The juicer catches all the skin and throws it into a pulp tray.

So you just add it all to the juicer, watch it destroy the poor little fruit, hehe, and then enjoy a frothy melody of fresh raw juice!

I love that you are getting real 100% juice with nothing added and it tastes better than any store bought juice. [ just a tad more work]

I love how it gives you the opportunity to be creative too. What combinations can you come up with? Mix veggies and fruit?? Who knows! Its endless!

Yummy! If you want to check out some recipes click here!

Look at the sweet vintage find I had yesterday.....
Guess How much??

[one dollar and fifty cents]
I also got some super cute books


Biscuit is Having a giveaway! Check out her sweet Blog! This time there will be 10... yes TEN winners, So head over there and enter!!!

P.s her blog is super cute so don't miss out :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to start my work life over tomorrow...booooo!!
lol. Happy Sunday!


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  1. you got such cuteeeee vintage things!! I am SO jealous. Man. :)


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