Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little sweetness..........

Here are a few sweet things that have me all excited this week.

1] I signed up for Happy Mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can not wait!!!

You should probably sign up too :)

2] On Valentines day my sweetie took me down town for some vintage shops and a hunt for bubble tea. I had been hearing about this cute little tea alllll over and was dying to try it. Just from the pictures I knew I would love it. and that I did. mmmm. in love...
mmmm...bubble tea by egyptia78.

3] I am really excited to try Macarons..... I spent last weekend looking up recipes and thinking that I can make these sweet little pretties on my own. False. After a little research, I realized I should just buy some. But where? I called a few bakeries by my house and none of them had any. :( Oh well, I am determined and I will find them. Just Look how pretty they are!
Macarons by La tartine gourmande.

Yesterday it was warm and sunny in Chicago....tonight we got a snowstorm. Go Figure.
Lieutenant Whitey was all snowy when he came inside...

What a cutie!

Im off to bed, I am going to once again attempt to get up for a 5am gym run before work. we will see if that happens. ;)



1 comment:

  1. Yay for happy mail!! It is so amazing, you'll love it!!


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