Friday, February 26, 2010

a cute little love advice.....

Before we were married, our pastor gave us some super sweet advice.
He told us to start planning our 25 year wedding anniversary.
Something to look forward too
Something to dwell on when times get tough.
I though this was so neat.
{And well, we have yet to start planning...}
Don’t worry we will get there….
I feel like this trip will be the most meaningful
One that will be a congratulatory pat on the back for keeping it together.
[I feel so blessed that God has given my husband and I the love that we share]
Here’s the big question ????
where too?
The Iguazu waterfalls in Brazil
I feel like I can use crazy amounts of imagination for this trip and not think about the money…
{that’s not entirely true}
but Im going to [pretend] money Is no mind here!
Woo hoo, that’s exciting!
I can dream can’t I ;)
What would you do for your 25th?

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